Funnel Force-Copy & Paste Funnel System

The Copy & Paste Funnel System That Consistently Generates 6 To 7 Figures For Any Type Of Business.


When You Join Funnel Force, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Module 1: Pre Funnel Blueprint 
Mapping out the necessities of your funnel

*What are funnels & how to use them for your niche

*How to identify your exact customer that will continually pay you
*How to angle your product to make the most profit
*How to create a lead magnet to draw in free leads
Module 2: Funnel Strategy
The different types of funnels and how & when to use them

*How map out your entire funnel in under 5 minutes

*How to import my done for you funnel designs
*Choosing the right funnel and how to use it to make sales on autopilot
*How to combine multiple funnels to maximize your profit
Module 3: Clickfunnel Setup
How to setup and use clickfunnels efficiently & effectively

*How to setup & navigate your clickfunnels account

*How to quickly customize your funnel
*How to setup your product inside of clickfunnels

Module 4: Filling Your Funnel

How to fill your funnel with copy using the “copy & paste” scripts
*How to use the copy & paste page scripts for every funnel
*How to never write copy and fill your funnels up
*How to utilize images & videos to fill your funnel
Module 5: Email Funnels
How to use email funnels to make 5x more per customer

*How to use the done for you, fill in the blank email sequences

*How to create email sequences to keep money coming in on autopilot

*How to create a winning email sequence for each funnel

Module 6: Driving Traffic To Your Funnel

How to create, run, & automate your traffic to your funnel
*How to drive traffic to your funnel & get automated leads
*How to quickly create cheap FB ad campaigns that convert
*How to integrate and automate your campaigns to be hands off
Module 7: Optimizing Your Funnel
How to Optimize every aspect of your funnel to maximize profit

*How to split test & analyze your entire funnel quickly

*The industry standards your funnel should be performing above
*How to easily optimize your funnel for mobile

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