Powerful Affirmations About Living

250 Powerful Affirmations About Living in an Abundance of Wealth, Health, Love, Creativity, Self-Esteem, Joy, and Happiness

Think about it in a karma-type way. When we have a positive attitude and feel good about ourselves, our lives tend to run a lot more smoothly. It can be described as a sort of “vibration.” When our vibration is positive, positive things like love, health, and wealth, are magnetically drawn to us. The opposite can also be true. When we have a negative attitude and feel bad about ourselves, we might harbor a self-defeating type of behavior. Doing so causes negative outcomes, like illness, drama, and financial woes. Instead of focusing on all the negative aspects of our lives, we can use affirmations to help us look at all the positivity that surrounds us. We’re able to focus our attention toward goals, both long-term short-term, step away from stress, and promote self-change in a positive manner.

250 Powerful Affirmations About Living in an Abundance of Wealth, Health, Love, Creativity, Self-Esteem, Joy, and Happiness


  1. I deserve the money. I attract large amounts of money for me. I deserve to have lots of money.
  2. I am great at managing my money. I am the master of my money. I am in control of my finances.
  3. I am grateful for the wealth in my life at this moment. I am grateful for the wealth already inside of me.
  4. I am rich. I am a rich woman/man. I attract wealth from all around me.
  5. I give value to others. I create value for others. I am being full of unlimited creative ideas and thoughts.
  6. I bless all those who are rich, abundant, and wealthy. I bless their abundance and wealth and send my love their way.
  7. I am becoming wealthier and wealthier every day, in every way.
  8. I am becoming more abundant every day, in every way.
  9. I am becoming richer and richer every day, in every way.
  10. I use the money for good things. Money is good because I use it for good.
  11. I become richer by giving more. I become wealthier by giving more. I become abundant by giving more.
  12. I am a millionaire. I think like a millionaire, I act like a millionaire, and I feel like a millionaire.
  13. I allow wealth to come into my life. I allow prosperity to come into my life. I allow abundance to come into my life.
  14. I am receptive to all the wealth that life offers me.
  15. My success is important and necessary.
  16. My dreams have come true.
  17. Every day is a wealthy day.
  18. I create wealth, so I am always wealthy.
  19. I am positive about being wealthy.
  20. I welcome wealth with open arms.
  21. I expect success in all my endeavors and allow success to be my natural state.
  22. I make setbacks and mistakes my stepping stones to my success.
  23. I am able to move past challenges quickly.
  24. I am able to move from a poverty mindset to an abundance mindset.
  25. Money comes to me in an easy and effortless way.
  26. I align myself with the energy of wealth and abundance.
  27. I embrace new income opportunities.
  28. I use my money to better my life and the lives of those around me.
  29. I am capable of handling large quantities of money.
  30. Money creates a positive impact on my life.
  31. I handle success with grace.
  32. I am a master of my wealth.
  33. I am able to receive money.
  34. I allow my wealth to expand and live in comfort and joy.
  35. I am able to make money doing what I love and am fully supported in my ventures.
  36. I think positive money thoughts.


  1. I eat healthy food that benefits my body.
  2. I drink large quantities of water which cleanses my body.
  3. I feel good, my body feels good, and I radiate good feelings.
  4. I am in possession of a healthy mind and a healthy body.
  5. I have a strong heart and healthy body. I am energetic and vigorous.
  6. I let go of all bad feelings within me about others, incidents, and everything else. I forgive everyone who is associated with me.
  7. I treat my body as a temple. My body is clean, holy, and full of goodness.
  8. My body is healthy, I am wealthy, and my mind is wise.
  9. I surround myself with people who encourage me to be healthy.
  10. I honor my body.
  11. I am looking forward to a healthy old age because I take care of my body now.
  12. I am grateful for my healthy body.
  13. Peace flows through my mind, body, and soul.
  14. I enjoy living life.
  15. I am worthy of good health.
  16. I focus on positive progression.
  17. I am a friend to my body.
  18. I look after my body with unconditional compassion.
  19. I am doing everything possible to keep my body well.
  20. I am willing to participate in my wellness plan.
  21. I have a strong immune system. I am able to deal with germs, bacteria, and viruses.
  22. My body is full of energy.
  23. My body is free from pain.
  24. My body heals itself, and I feel better every day.
  25. I send lots of love and healing to all my organs.
  26. I pay attention to my body. I listen to what my body needs.
  27. I am a good sleeper. I sleep soundly and wake up feeling rested.
  28. I surround myself with people who support my healthy choices.
  29. I speak, think, and act in perfect health.
  30. I choose to make all my thoughts healthy ones.
  31. I enjoy taking care of my body.
  32. I breathe deeply to lift my mood and bring energy to my body.
  33. I allow all the cells in my body to repair and replenish it.
  34. I nourish my body with lots of water.
  35. I have fun when exercising my body.
  36. I listen to my body, which communicates what it likes to me.
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  1. I am surrounded by love.
  2. I keep my heart open.
  3. I radiate love.
  4. I deserve to love and be loved in return.
  5. I always get what I give out into the world.
  6. I am able to see from my partner’s point of view, so I am able to understand my partner perfectly.
  7. I am able to express my feelings openly.
  8. All of my relationships offer a positive and loving experience.
  9. I am happy to give and receive love every day.
  10. I am grateful for how loved I am, and how much people care about me.
  11. I have the power to give love endlessly.
  12. I welcome love with open arms.
  13. I allow my inner beauty to radiate outward.
  14. My relationships fulfill me.
  15. I am beautiful.
  16. I trust in the universe to find me my perfect match.
  17. I feel love. I see love. I am loved.
  18. I love myself and every aspect of my life.
  19. I look at everything with loving eyes, and I love everything I see.
  20. My partner loves me for who I am.
  21. I respect and admire my partner.
  22. I see the best in my partner.
  23. I share emotional intimacy with those I have a strong relationship with.
  24. My partner and I communicate openly.
  25. I am able to resolve conflicts with my loved ones in a peaceful and respectful manner.
  26. I am able to be myself in a romantic relationship.
  27. I support my partner and want the best for him/her.
  28. I deserve compassion, empathy, and love.
  29. I have a caring and warm heart.
  30. I am filled with love for who I am.
  31. My life is filled with love.
  32. Love flows through me in every situation.
  33. I find love wherever I go.
  34. I am able to receive love with open arms.
  35. I am supported by my family, friends, relationships, and I love it.


  1. I make time to create.
  2. I constantly develop as an artist.
  3. I let my creative self out to play.
  4. I give myself room for creative expression.
  5. I am creative.
  6. I have a free and open mind.
  7. I have an active and free imagination.
  8. I am full of creativity and inspiration.
  9. My creative mind is the best resource for overcoming challenges.
  10. I am open to new experiences.
  11. I make nurturing my mind a priority.
  12. I embrace and love my creative inner child.
  13. I am my unique self. I am special, wonderful, and creative. I direct my creative talents toward anything that gives me pleasure.
  14. I use my creativity in every aspect of my life.
  15. My gifts are appreciated by those around me, and my talents are wanted.
  16. I can create miracles within my life.
  17. I let go of all resistance when expressing my creativity.
  18. There is a lot of opportunity in whichever creative area I choose.
  19. Even if unsuccessful, all my creative ventures bring me satisfaction.
  20. I am open to learning new creative ideas every day.
  21. I practice being creative every day, and it is a top priority in my life.
  22. I become more creative every day.
  23. I am able to solve problems using creative and unique ideas.
  24. I am full of creativity.
  25. I have power and resources as a creator.
  26. I am a powerful, creative being with unlimited ideas.
  27. I am capable of thinking up new and fresh ideas.
  28. I am grateful that I have an imaginative mind.
  29. I am grateful for all of my different creative ideas.
  30. I am grateful for my creative abilities.
  31. I am imaginative.
  32. I am resourceful and inventive.
  33. I am always able to count on my imagination for inventive ideas.
  34. I use my power and gifts in helpful and inspiring ways.
  35. I am able to feel creative and inspired when I am at work.
  36. I have a fantastic creative talent.
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  1. I am willing to accept mistakes. They are the stepping stones to success.
  2. I am always learning and growing.
  3. I will not compare myself to others.
  4. I focus on the things I can change.
  5. I deserve a good life. I toss away the ideas of suffering and misery.
  6. I love myself as I am.
  7. I am constantly growing and changing for the better.
  8. I am smart, competent, and able.
  9. I believe in myself, in my skills, and in my abilities.
  10. I am useful and make contributions to society and my own life.
  11. My decisions are sound and reasonable, and I stand by them.
  12. I have the capability to acquire all the knowledge I need to succeed.
  13. I am free to make my own decisions and choices.
  14. I am worthy of others’ respect.
  15. I accept compliments easily and give them freely.
  16. I accept other people as they are, which in turn allows them to accept me as I am.
  17. I respect myself.
  18. I let go of the need to prove myself to others. I am my own self, and I love me as I am.
  19. I am full of courage. I am willing to act despite fear.
  20. I trust myself.
  21. I approach strangers with enthusiasm and boldness.
  22. I breathe in a manner that helps me to feel more confident. I inhale confidence and exhale timidity.
  23. I am confident in my future.
  24. I am a self-reliant, persistent, and creative person in everything I do.
  25. I make confidence in my second nature.
  26. I am able to find the best solution to my problems.
  27. I remember that nothing is impossible.
  28. I am unique. I feel good. I love living life and being me.
  29. I have integrity.
  30. I accept myself fully.
  31. I am proud of myself.
  32. I allow my mind to fill up with nourishing and positive thoughts.
  33. I accept myself and find inner peace in doing so.
  34. I have the ability to overcome all challenges that life gives me.
  35. I am capable of rising up in the face of adversity.
  36. I make my own decisions and choices.


  1. I am willing to allow joy in my life.
  2. I show a joy to all that I interact with.
  3. I choose joy. It is a possibility in each and every moment of my life.
  4. My day begins and ends with joy and gratitude for myself.
  5. My experiences in joy expand every day.
  6. I let myself feel appreciation and joy for the people who love me.
  7. I give myself permission to feel joy.
  8. I allow myself to be open to experiencing more joyous moments every day.
  9. My words, actions, and thoughts support my joyful living.
  10. I choose joy to be a part of my inner self.
  11. I am happy with all of my achievements.
  12. I make choices and decisions that nurture me and bring me joy.
  13. I greet every day with gratitude and joy.
  14. I am allowed to feel joy.
  15. I let myself concentrate on thoughts that make me happy.
  16. I give joy away to others so I can receive it in return.
  17. I understand that it is okay to feel joy when others do not.
  18. Experiencing life brings me great joy.
  19. One joyful experience opens up the door to many more joyful experiences.
  20. I allow my joy to empower me to new heights.
  21. I smile and feel joy at the world around me.
  22. Even the simple things in life allow me to feel joy.
  23. I feel joy in being alive.
  24. I am able to find joy in the simple things.
  25. I love to share my joy with others.
  26. I am able to find joy in every moment that happens.
  27. I welcome joy into my life.
  28. I am able to accept joy and peace in all aspects of my life.
  29. I let go of all anxiety, worry, fear, and doubt, and fill myself with peace, love, and joy.
  30. I create a home full of joy.
  31. I do my best every day, which fills me with joy.
  32. I share freely the joy I feel in my heart.
  33. I enjoy doing nice things for other people.
  34. My everyday responsibilities give my life balance and joy.
  35. I am able to make whatever I am doing enjoyable.
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  1. I am happier than I have ever been to.
  2. I understand that it is okay to be happy.
  3. I choose to be happy.
  4. I deserve to be happy.
  5. I share my happy thoughts and experiences with others.
  6. Happiness is something that’s contagious. I understand this and spread happiness around to others, which in turn brings it back to me.
  7. My happiness helps the people around me to feel happy.
  8. My happy attitude attracts other happiness into my life.
  9. I am grateful for my wonderful life. I am grateful to everyone who has made me happy and made my life worth living.
  10. I am happy when I make progress toward my goals.
  11. I focus more on my present happiness than my past mistakes.
  12. I see happiness wherever I go.
  13. I can pick myself up and lift my own spirits.
  14. I feel a sense of happiness and peace within myself.
  15. I am a positive person and choose to have a positive view.
  16. I have all that I need to be happy.
  17. I am ready to tackle whatever comes my way with a positive and happy attitude.
  18. I am happy. I am healthy. I am strong.
  19. Happiness is my birthright. Happiness is my natural state of being.
  20. I wake up every morning feeling happy about life.
  21. I approach life with a sense of humor and love to laugh with others.
  22. My life brightens and lightens when I think happy thoughts.
  23. Although I am working hard on my goals, I remember that it’s important to have fun.
  24. Being happy is a top priority in my life, and I remember to practice this feeling every day.
  25. I allow myself to enjoy the little moments I observe every day around me.
  26. I am always on the lookout for ways to bring more happiness and laughter into my life.
  27. I am always able to find a reason to smile.
  28. I am happy with the choices I make in life.
  29. I am friendly with other people and smile at them.
  30. I spread happiness everywhere I go.
  31. I commit myself to develop the highest possible level of happiness in my life.
  32. I bring happy thoughts with me everywhere I go.
  33. I love my happy memories and think of them often.
  34. I practice laughing each day.
  35. I enjoy laughing. I laugh as often as I can.
  36. I am happy and free, and exactly as I was born to be.

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