Online Passive Income Ideas 2020

Online Passive Income Ideas 2020

Passive income. We all want it. We all crave it. We all want to make money without work. But are there actually any good passive income ideas that we can implement in 2020?

The answer is yes, and we’ve put together a list below of online ways to make passive income in 2020. why did I say online? because here you don’t have to

  1. Wash Car
  2. Rent Property
  3. Invest in Real Estate or Stock Market
  4. Sell Products door to door
  5. Invest in different businesses and many more…

All you have to do just simply utilize your social media skills, Yes you have just posted on Facebook, pin on Pinterest, post on Instagram, upload a video to youtube, etc.. that’s all which is you already doing or you can do from anywhere, any time, day to day to earn passive income. This activity goes to automated in a few weeks and you will start earning $50,000/month without doing no work, sounds crazy? But Yes this really works and here is some proof that I have collected from different peoples from my social media. Interested ???….

If yes keep reading the article till the end I am just giving you the full list of ideas one by one how many ways you start your online passive income business that makes your 2020 full wealthy. You can write your mindset comments on all ideas either you believe or not.

So let’s start

Affiliate Marketing

The most popular and my one of top favorite. Affiliate marketing is an income idea that requires you to have a website or platform (Social media) you can use to promote other companies, or “affiliates.” When someone uses your affiliate link to purchase a product or sign up for a service, you get paid. There are many products that allow getting recurring paid. wow, that sounds awesome so just think if I promote products using social media skills and the interested target audience purchase it, I have recurring commission month to month without doing nothing.

My main website earns all kinds of affiliate income through relationships we have with sales funnels, e-mail marketing companies, CPA networks, and more. But you don’t have to do things the way I did; you could start nearly any type of website and find affiliates that work in your niche.

And remember, you don’t necessarily have to start a blog. I know people who are crushing it with affiliates using YouTube, podcasts, and other avenues. You can build an affiliate business using social media!

want to be a super affiliate and earn $50,000/month? Please go to my affiliate training blogs steps by step.

Display Ads

Another way I earn more than $1,000 per month passively is by using display ads. Once again, this is going back to the blog. The beauty of having an online property is the fact that you can monetize it in so many ways.

Display ads work like billboards you see on the side of the highway, only they’re featured on your website instead. The point is that advertisers are paying to promote their products — their ads just so happen to be on your website.

Most display ads are set up by ad networks that work as the middlemen between you and advertisers who want to pay you. The best part about display ads is they are entirely passive. You can get paid a ridiculous amount of money based on your traffic — even while you sleep!

CPC Ads (Cost Per Click)

With affiliate advertising, you only get paid when someone clicks on your link and signs up for something or buys something. Display ads, on the other hand, pay based on the amount of traffic and eyeballs you get on their ads.

With CPC ads, also known as “cost per click” ads, on the other hand, you get paid when someone clicks on an ad no matter what they do after that. I don’t have to hope and pray they buy something or sign up for anything at all. Every single click puts money in my bank account.

Does that mean I can head to my own website and click on ads all day long? I guess I could, but eventually, that company would figure out what I’m doing and cut me off! With that in mind, clicking on your own ads should not be a part of your strategy here. Instead, try to build up traffic so your ads are seen by more and more people every day.

Sell Photos

Do you know what Stock photos are? They are professional photographs anyone can license for creative use.

Instead of spending time and money hiring a photographer, many bloggers, business owners, and advertisers use stock photography. Like me!

Images are SO important, and that’s why it’s a good market to get into because the demand is HIGH.

You do not need to be a professional photographer, but you do want to make sure you can take good quality photos. Here are some great tips on better stock photos.

Post your images on sites like ShutterflyIstockFoapEyeEm and your image(s) can sell over, and over again making a nice passive income.

Create an Online Store with Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is a method where you can sell third-party products from a Drop Shipping Company without ever seeing or shipping the item. When you make a sale, the product is shipped directly to the customer from the drop shipper.

Your profit is the difference between what you charge your customers and what the drop shipping company charges you.

Here is a great infographic to show how it works:

drop-shippingTheo McArthur has great success with dropshipping and created a course that teaches you how to launch your first profitable Dropship Website in 14 Days or less and grow your income to $10,000 per month in profits.


Who doesn’t at least consider starting a Youtube channel after reading how this 7-year-old made a whopping 22 million dollars in 2018 from being on YouTube? While I’m happy for the little guy, I’m trying to figure out how can I get a piece of that pie.

YouTube has recently changed the way you can make money with ads. In order to join Google Adsense (ads) for YouTube, your channel has to have 4,000 watched hours within 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

You can also monetize your YouTube channel with affiliate marketing. By partnering with other companies, you promote on your channel you can earn a commission when your viewers make a purchase through your referral link.

Can you cook, do makeup, hair, play an instrument, or have some other kind of talent or skill people want to see?

If you don’t care to be in front of the camera and have computer-related content, you can use screencast software like Camtasia and do step-by-step tutorials or how-to videos. Consider your talents and make some money!

Get paid for doing things you do anyway.

Swagbucks ($10 sign-up bonus) is a great app to use to make money whenever you have some downtime, say while you’re in line at the store or while watching some mindless TV program.

There are a variety of ways to make money with the Swagbucks app, including:

  • Playing games on your phone
  • Using the Swagbucks search engine
  • Watching videos
  • Taking surveys
  • Getting cashback on online purchases
  • Using coupons
  • And more!

Click here to download Swagbucks and get a $10 bonus for using our link!

Digital Downloads

Make a digital item once and sell it again and again and again. You can create things like greeting cards, templates, invitations, printables, sewing patterns, and more.

You do not have to know photoshop to do things like this. I like to use the free version of Canva, and it makes me look like I’m a professional Graphic designer or even good old Microsoft PowerPoint.

Shopify is a great platform for this, they make it easy to get your shop open and your products out there.

Start your free 14-day trial here to start a nice passive income.

Create a Course

Turn what you know into an opportunity to teach others through a course and get paid every time a student purchases your course or watches it if you promote on Skillshare.

Skillshare is an online learning community where anyone can discover, take, or even teach a class. The courses are available through subscription and you’ll earn money through monthly royalties (based on minutes watched in your classes).

Maddy from The-BlogSmith made $1,000 posting a couple of videos and gets a consistent $50 a month.

The more videos you make the more you can earn. Maddy talks about best practices for using Skillshare here.

Some other popular platforms to create a course are:
• Teachable
• Udemy

Your skills and experiences are unique and valuable, think about what you could do and if it’s something people could learn from.

Virtual Assistant

If you are task-oriented and have skills in the areas of social media management, editing, graphic design, researching, writing, photoshop editing, administrative duties, video editing, or data entry you should consider becoming a Virtual Assistant.

To become your own boss, I highly recommend taking Gina Horkey (now Six-figure VA) course on how to become a Virtual Assistant in 30 days or less.

Sell on Amazon (FBA program)

If you like shopping (unlike me) and searching for a good deal, you should definitely consider Amazon’s FBA program. You find good deals on products at brick and mortar stores or wherever and resell them on Amazon for a higher price.


Blogging is most top in my favorite list because it’s what I do. I’ve been able to make money from blogging in four different areas:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Freelance Work

Before I dig deeper into these revenue streams, I do want to preface that blogging takes A LOT of work and it’s really only for the strong at heart.

You will have so many doubters, and YOU will probably be your biggest one.

Once you have made up your mind that this is what you are going to do and you will stop at NOTHING to make it work, well then blogging will work for you.

Getting started does not have to cost a lot, I only paid $84 and that included the theme (website template) and host (a place to host your website). You can see how I started my blog here.

If you don’t know what to blog about Scrivs from says the 7 top blog niches that gain the most traffic and make the most money are How to Make Money, Personal Finance, Health and Fitness, Food, Beauty and Fashion, Lifestyle, and Personal Development.

You can certainly make money in other niches, but these are just the most popular. I will tell you that it can take several months before you earn money blogging but it can pay off money.

I make over $2,000 a month and my goal by the end of the year is to be making $10,000+ a month.

Data Entry

If you are a fast and accurate typist, online data entry jobs can be rewarding. This type of work can be done either online or offline, where you type information into a document. Sound knowledge of Microsoft Word/Excel is an advantage as these are where most documents are typed into.

Here are over 11 companies that have data entry jobs available.

The SmartCrowd



Amazon Mechanical Turk



Capital Typing

Birch Creek Communication

DionData Solutions


Virtual Vocations



The Bottom Line

If you’re reading this and thinking “there’s no such thing as passive income,” that’s a shame. You’ve already decided the premise of this article is false, so you’ll never start the journey to build passive wealth that increases over time.

READ MORE  What Is Passive Income and How Do I Build It?

I hope you love your 9-5 job, cause you’re going to be there a while. If you need me, I’ll be over here building even more passive income streams that work around the clock — even when I don’t feel like it.

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