Money Affirmations

50 Money Affirmations

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

Bo Derek

A lot of people have stated that money can’t buy happiness. However, a study from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School says that it does indeed buy happiness if the person’s income is below $75 000. Over that amount, there aren’t any significant levels of increased happiness. Now, this does not mean that all people who make over $75 000 per year doesn’t feel a significant increase in happiness, I’m confident that some do, just as there are people in third-world countries who are much happier than some billionaires. This study can only work as a general rule of thumb.

Leaving the discussion behind, I think we can agree that money is important and that more money wouldn’t hurt. However, a lot of people have unconscious associations to money that block them from attracting a great amount of it. Some of these limiting beliefs might include nonsensical sayings such as:

You’ve probably heard at least one of these ridiculous statements before.

  1. Money is the root of all evil.
  2. Money can’t buy happiness.
  3. Money is not everything.
  4. People can make a lot of money, but they do it at the expense of their families.
  5. It’s selfish to have a lot of money.

Let’s break each of these wacky sayings down, shall we?

Nr 1: Money is the root of all evil. Money is simply a means of exchange. Do you prefer we go back to the barter? Finding someone who will want to change your apple for a pen will be both frustrating and time-consuming. Money is neither good or bad. Yes indeed, you can do both good and bad things with money but stating that money itself is evil is just ludicrous. Think about all the good things people have done with money, all the lives they have saved. Think about all the people with money who have created companies in which people can work and earn a living. Think about all the good things you can do with money and all the lives you can better. If you think this limiting belief is holding you back from living in financial abundance, consider using the following affirmation: Money is neutral and a resource to do good in my

Nr 2: Money can’t buy happiness. As we’ve already the mentioned before, there are studies showing that money can increase one’s happiness up to a certain point and perhaps even beyond. Even if the statement “money can’t buy happiness” was true (which it’s not), money can buy time. And more time, can surely make one happier. For example, if you have a lot of money, you can hire other people to do chores that you don’t particularly enjoy doing. Also think about all the experiences that money can buy. Whenever we are focused on the negative, we need to stop and ask ourselves; “what are the opportunities?” If you want an affirmation that will absolutely turn this limiting belief into the small ball of dust it really is, consider the following one:
I love money as it can buy me both experiences and time with my loved ones.

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Nr 3: Money is not everything. Of course it’s not everything Dum-Dum, but you need it don’t you? Or how do you get food on the table and a roof over your head? Let’s follow the advice, “don’t argue with a foolish argument”, regarding this one and just move on to the next one, shall we?

Nr 4: People can make a lot of money, but they do it at the expense of their family. Some individuals may prioritize work over spending time with their families. However, this does not make the statement an absolute truth. People seldom get rich by hard work alone. People acquire great wealth by doing the right things. Such things include making their money work for them by making smart investments or leveraging other people’s time and money. To crush this limiting belief, start searching for people who are making a lot of money who work less than the average worker. I’m sure you will come across a lot of people who have found a way to use leverage to make a lot of money, perhaps even in an automated way. Also, consider the fact that the average person in America is watching around 5 hours of television per day. Surely there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of time to spend with loved ones if one prioritizes differently? Here’s an affirmation to let you overcome this limiting belief: With more money, I can choose to spend more time with my family if I want to.

Nr 5: It’s selfish to have a lot of money. As mentioned before, money is simply a means of exchange. In other words, you change your money for something you want or vise versa. This means that you must have provided something of perceived value to someone else to receive that money. Again, providing value doesn’t have to be linked with your time. Investors can, for example, provide value by letting other people provide value with the help of their money. Either way, acquiring money is neither a selfish or unselfish act, it’s simply an exchange of value. If you struggle with this limiting belief, consider replacing it by using the following affirmations: The money I’ve earned reflects the value I’ve created for others.

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Hopefully this list, has helped you tackle the most disturbing false beliefs about money. If you think you have more, don’t worry, the 50 money affirmations soon to come will surely help you overcome most of the silly associations that people tend to drop senselessly in to our mind as we get older. As Jim Rohn said, we must stay guard at the door of our mind every day!

Now, as you may have heard before; you can give a man a fish to feed him for a day or you can teach him how to fish so he can feed himself for a lifetime. I’ll aim to do both; so here are two noteworthy ideas for you to consider when overcoming any limiting beliefs, be it regarding money, love, health or happiness. First, ask yourself this one simple question: Is this belief an absolute truth for me as an individual or can I find people or circumstances that prove that the opposite can also be true? Secondly, as you might have already noted, I’ve used rather harsh adjectives to describe some of these limiting beliefs. The reason for this is because I want to break a pattern and the easiest way to do that is by strong emotion or doing something unexpected. You can also add a voice to the limiting belief that is impossible for you to take seriously (for example, a voice from a South Park character). Imagine this voice combined with a face you can’t take seriously and then visualize how this face is blowing up as a balloon and becoming smaller and smaller as it’s flying away to some distant corner. You can also write down the limiting belief, then scrunch the paper and throw it in a garbage can. Personally, I like the voice method the best, but you choose whichever method or methods that works best for you.

Are you ready to start with the affirmations? Okay, here we go!

Money Affirmations

  1. I’m so grateful for living in prosperity.
  2. Every day, in every way, I’m attracting more and more money into my life.
  3. I live in abundance now.
  4. Money comes to me with ease.
  5. I see many opportunities for creating wealth.
  6. I give and receive with ease.
  7. I feel grateful for all the money that I have.
  8. I’m a great giver; I’m also an exceptional receiver.
  9. By being wealthy and having a lot of money, I can make the world a better place.
  10. It feels fantastic to have a lot of money.
  11. The universe responds to my prosperity mindset by giving me more opportunities to make money with ease.
  12. I visualize being wealthy every day and I send out good vibrations about money.
  13. I’m a money magnet that attracts money from all types of places.
  14. I am abundant every day, in every way.
  15. I’m gracious for all the prosperity I receive.
  16. I pay myself first and my money multiplies.
  17. An avalanche of money is now entering my life.
  18. Making money is easy for me.
  19. I constantly find and come up with new ways to make more money with ease.
  20. Money is one important part of my life and I give it the time and attention it deserves.
  21. Money allows me to help more people.
  22. Money allows me to spend more time with my loved ones.
  23. Money allows me to have more wonderful experiences.
  24. Having more money is a good thing for me.
  25. I love money and all the wonderful things it can do.
  26. I love the freedom that money gives me.
  27. I deserve to be wealthy and to live in abundance.
  28. I attract money from all kinds of unexpected sources.
  29. I continuously have a big surplus of money at the end of every month.
  30. I am attracted to money and money is attracted to me.
  31. I continuously learn from other people who live in financial abundance be it via books, videos, audio, or in person.
  32. My actions create a lot of value for others.
  33. I am a person of great value.
  34. I make my money work for me.
  35. My money brings me more money.
  36. I am a great money manager.
  37. I see more and more great opportunities for creating wealth.
  38. I am a multi-millionaire.
  39. I am so grateful for the ability to make a lot of money.
  40. I am at one with a tremendous amount of money in my bank account.
  41. My financial reality is in my control alone.
  42. Money is my servant.
  43. I have everything I need to create financial abundance.
  44. There is enough money to create prosperity.
  45. Being rich is easy.
  46. I always have access to a lot of money.
  47. I am worthy of being affluent.
  48. I enjoy making money.
  49. I enjoy having multiple streams of passive income.
  50. I trust that the Universe always meets my needs.
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