Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins (Free and Paid)

Do you want to optimize your WordPress website? Then you must be searching for the best image optimizer WordPress Plugins that can be installed at the drop of a hat!

These plugins automatically perform all the image optimization tasks like alt tag testing and editing, Image Resizing, and Compression, etc.

There is a bulk of Image optimizer WordPress Plugins available on the web. But which one will be the smartest Plugin for boosting your website?

So, in this article, we’ve selected some of the best in market image optimizer WordPress plugins which will help you to achieve your desired goal.
Let’s take a look at some image optimizer WordPress plugins –

1. SEO Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin – Traffic Booster

Alt tags of images are a very important part to increase the traffic from image search. SEO Image Optimizer eliminates the task of manually adding alt tags and automatically adds SEO optimized alt tags and title tags on your images in a matter of few seconds.

It is a simple and convenient WordPress plugin that acts as a helping hand to gain more traffic and sales from various search engines like Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You can easily install and activate the plugin then it will do its task effectively.


You can get this plugin at just $20.


  • It adds SEO friendly alt tags which helps you to get better ranking.
  • Images of WooCommerce products are also supported.
  • This plugin is compatible with all existing browsers.
  • It automatically works for new and existing images.
  • Its alt tags and title tags are customizable.

2. SEO Friendly Images Pro for WordPress

SEO Friendly Images Pro for WordPress is a plugin that automatically optimized all the title tags and alt tags of images of your pages and posts as well as even works on 3rd party content images like an advanced custom field.

It comes up with an amazing feature of “Lazy Loader” powered by unveil.js. This functionality boosts your website performance by delaying the loading of images. Along with that, in the latest version, it includes the link optimization feature also.

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Buy this plugin at $19 which gives 6 months support. If you want to extend it for a year, you’ve to pay an extra $5.63.


  • It provides the flexibility to override existing alt and title tags of your images.
  • The brand new function of this plugin optimizes the title attributes of links also.
  • The Default settings of SEO Friendly Images are proven by the SEO consultants.
  • It supports post thumbnails also.
  • The kit includes .pot file which translates the plugin into any language.

3. Smart Image Compressor – WordPress Plugin

This image optimizer WordPress plugin is an optimal solution to compress large size images in WordPress media. With a click you can reduce image sizes consequently your website will become faster.

If you are using lots of images on your WordPress website then go with this plugin. As it optimizes bulk images and large media files in just a moment of time.


Grab this plugin in just $24 for 6 months. Furthermore, you can extend it to 12 months by paying only 7.50.


  • It also compresses png images without losing its transparency.
  • This plugin gives you the option to compress images without affecting its quality.
  • Compress bulk images in seconds.
  • It provides compression level to guide you to compress the images which result better.

4.  ShortPixel – Best In Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins

ShortPixel is a powerful image optimizer WordPress plugin that helps you to increase your SERP rankings. It compresses and optimizes the large images which reduce the page loading time and in this way you gain more visitors and better search engine ranking.

This plugin compresses the large media files or images but did not affect the quality. You can have similar quality images but the reduced size. It has around 100,000 active users and the number is blooming continuously.


ShortPixel offers 3 pricing plans –

  • Short: 5,000 images per month at just $4.99.
  • Large: 12,000 images/month at $9.99.
  • XXL: 55,000 images/per month at $29.99.
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It has a Free plan also.


  • Popular image formats are supported such as – JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF.
  • You can use its API key on multiple sites.
  • It provides 100% image safety.
  • It offers automatic and bulk optimization.
  • It gives no limit on file size.

5. Imagify – Image Optimization plugin

This tool will help you to lighten up your images by optimizing them. With its WordPress plugin, you can compress tons of images within a click and give them a high level of compression.

It optimizes every size of images and you don’t have to edit your images before uploading in a library, this plugin will automatically optimize and resize the image and displays in a perfect view.


  • Lite: 1 GB data per month at $4.99.
  • Basic: 2 GB data per month at $8.99.
  • Standard: 5 GB data per month at $19.99.
  • Plus: 15 GB data per month at $39.99.
  • Enterprise: 50 GB data per month at $69.99.


  • It optimizes images as well as thumbnails and makes them responsive to any screen size.
  • This plugin even optimizes ready images also and give them a high resolution.
  • It provides the complete overview of your images data so, that you will be able to monitor the percent of optimized and unoptimized images.
  • It comes up with a simple and easy user interface.

6. Image Optimizer – 10WEB

This image optimizer will significantly improve your website performance by optimizing your image data. It will make the loading time of your images fast. It provides the facility of media conversion also.

Its functionalities automatically resize, compress, and optimize your entire media files without losing its quality.


This premium image optimizer plugin offers slider, gallery, WordPress premium themes along with these pricing plans

  • Basic: $12/month for 3 domains.
  • Standard: $30/month for 10 domains.
  • Premium: $80/month, 50 domains.


  • Extreme compression mode.
  • You can schedule your optimization.
  • PDF file optimization.
  • Provide reports to monitor your image compression results.
  • It provides 3 different modes for image compression.
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7. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush is an award-winning WordPress plugin for quality and speed tests. This 100% free and powerful plugin which scans each and every image of your website which you have just upload or which already exists.

It removes all the unnecessary data and optimizes it before adding it to your WordPress media library.


It is free of cost, available in the WordPress directory.


  • Compatible with all the existing plugins that you have for your website.
  • It easily compresses any image stored in any library or file.
  • This plugin also supports image formats like PNG, JPEG, and GIF.
  • Offers individual settings for every site.
  • Smushes 50 attachments at a time.

8. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW image optimizer WordPress plugin will boost your page load time by optimizing all the images of your website. In that way, it also improves your conversion rates.

This image optimizer automatically optimizes uploaded images or even those images which are created by other plugins.


Grab this Image optimizer plugin for free from the official WordPress website.


  • With its intelligent image conversion option, you can get the required format such as Jpeg, png, etc.
  • It comes up with comprehensive coverage which makes sure that no images left behind.
  • This plugin is secured with SSL encryption.
  • It provides backup storage for your original images.
  • It also has its API through which you can embed this plugin on any platform.


If you want to deal with image optimization seriously and want to make your website loading time fast. Then you should try the above-mentioned image optimizer WordPress plugins.

Moreover, both free and paid optimization plugins are available, but if you want some additional features and integrations then going with premium image optimizer WordPress plugins is a smart choice.

Do you want to share your favorite image optimization plugin for WordPress?

Share them in a comment section… We would love to hear!

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