17 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Content

As digital marketing begins to mature, businesses are shifting their focus from implementation to optimization. With more messages sent across more platforms content needs to stand out and earn attention – even in paid media. Facebook calls this “thumb-stopping power” – does your content cause someone to stop scrolling and engage? If you are ready […]

10 Tips for Mastering Your SEO Content in 2020

2020 presents many new and exciting opportunities to master your content and reach a wider audience. While the BERT algorithm update gave a not-so-subtle nod to the importance of search intent, SEO content writers everywhere were not surprised to hear that the search engine is prioritizing audience-focused content. The issue, then, has been the over-emphasis […]

Low Competition Keywords List with High CPC

Low competition keywords are those keywords which have less competition and can easily be ranked in search engine result pages. I am going to list 126 Low competition keywords with highest CPC bidding in this post. Means, you can rank as well as bank dollars easily by targeting these keywords. I have listed keywords from these […]

How To Find High Volume Low Competition Keywords

If there is one thing about SEO that most people do wrong it has got to be keyword research and implementation. Even those who consider themselves experienced SEO pros are still doing keyword research using tools that don’t help to formulate complete content marketing strategies. For example, I still see the primary keyword research being […]

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