Best Cache WordPress Plugins 2020 (Free & Paid)

Most of the WordPress users prefer Cache WordPress Plugins to refined the loading time of their websites as they automate various time-consuming processes.

Best Cache WordPress PluginsBest Cache WordPress Plugins

These plugins are very useful and easy to understand & implement. They simply convert website content into static files which are instantly delivered to the users when requested. This enhanced the site performance, increase user interactions and benefits you in many other ways.

Here in this article, we have defined some of the Best Cache WordPress Plugins which offer top class services and helps users boost the performance of any WordPress website.

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1. WP Rocket – Cache WordPress Plugin

WP Rocket has been recognized as one of the most beneficial caching plugins for WordPress by experts. This plugin works well with all types of websites whether large or small, it helps to accelerate loading time of your site and can easily be customized by non-technical users.

Wp Rocket provides you the ability to automatically start caching of web pages and requires no changes in the code.

Cache WordPress PluginCache WordPress Plugin


  • Page caching helps you achieve ultra-fast load time which increases conversion rates of your site
  • Cache Preloading is another feature that improves your site speed as crawler simulates a visit to preload the cache
  • WP Rocket is an extremely developer friendly plugin as various high-level customizations can be done with ease
  • This plugin is pre-equipped with “Images on Request” facility which automatically loads media content (images) as the visitor scrolls down the page
  • It automatically detects Yoast SEO, Jetpack, and other sitemaps

Price Plans By WP Rocket

  • Single plan is offered at a price of $39 for a year support and updates for single website
  • Plus plan charges around $99 and gives you 1-year support and updates for 3 websites
  • Infinite plan provides unlimited websites implementation with 1-year support & updates at a cost of $199

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2. Comet Cache – WordPress Plugin

Comet Cache is a premium wp caching plugin which solves different problems related to site speed, improves SEO, reduces server expenses. You can easily speed-up any WordPress site with using this plugin. The dashboard provided is easily understandable and it frequently takes snapshot of pages, posts, category, Link, etc in real-time.

Cache WordPress PluginCache WordPress Plugin


  • You can perform page cache, client-side cache, feed cache, automatic expiration time, etc with this plugin
  • Comet Cache plugin is easy to configure and apply on WordPress websites
  • Automatic cache clearing of posts, pages, categories, tags, links, is also available
  • You can run custom PHP codes at places where cache is cleared
  • Permits you to import and export functionality for Comet Cache.
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Price Plans By Comet Cache

  • Single-Site Plan:- $39 is the one-time cost of this plan which gives you single site license which is perfect for site owners with a single domain.
  • 3 Sites Plan:- This plan comes with a price tag of $99 and permits you to implement the plugin on up to 3 domain.
  • Pro Version:- If you go with the pro version of 3 Sites plan an additional amount of $99 is charged for advanced features.
  • Unlimited Site Plan:- The one-time cost of this plan is $139 with which you can manage unlimited sites. It gives you lifetime updates and top class support for 3 years
  • Pro Version:- For access to all pro features 7 facilities you have to pay $139 extra.

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3. Powered Cache

Powered Cache is an advanced caching plugin for WordPress which helps to enhance the performance of your WordPress site. This plugin comes will multiple built-in extensions using which you can improve site speed, reduce load time and more.

Cache WordPress PluginCache WordPress Plugin


  1. Import & export setting with just a single click
  2. Extremely simple to use & easy to configure
  3. You can perform page as well as object caching
  4. Offers multiple built-in extension to simplify various tasks
  5. Provides multisite support and mobile support

Price Plans By Powered Cache

  • Free plan allows you to do page caching, object caching and gives you access to free extensions as well.
  • Premium plan will cost you $39 for WP-CLI commands, premium extension access, and other features.
  • Premium plan + professional setup is prices $39 for the plan plus $99 will be charged as the setup fee for this plugin.

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4. Fresh Performance Cache 

Fresh Performance Cache will help you boost the performance of WordPress sites by compressing, caching, combining various files. It is one of the top rates caching plugin WordPress which is simple to configure and easy to use as well. This plugin is new in the market still it has got 500+ sales and successful installations.

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Cache WordPress PluginCache WordPress Plugin


  • Enhances site performance to increase user engagement
  • Get super fast cache for better loading speed
  • Access all the facilities from the dashboard
  • Automatically skips problem creating files by combining the cached files
  • Easy to update and configure even for beginners & non-technical persons

Price Plans By Fresh Performance Cache

  • Regular license will cost you $42 and for the extended support for 12 months is charged $14.25.
  • Extended license is priced around $105 and to get extra 12-month support you have to pay $31.88.

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5. Borlabs Cache – WordPress Caching Plugin

Borlabs Cache is yet another easy to use and powerful WordPress plugin for caching. With this plugin, your are able to deliver site content in milliseconds, improve rank and generate more user traffic. This plugin saves the website content in the form of static files on server’s and when a page is requested, this static file is loaded which makes the performance fast.

Cache WordPress PluginCache WordPress Plugin


  • It caches each & every page, post, feed, category, tag, etc on the site
  • Helps to remove whitespace as you can combine & compress Javascript and CSS is a single file
  • Performs auto-refreshing of cache
  • Fragment caching allows you to keep parts of the website dynamic
  • Lazy load feature avoids loading images until the user scroll downs the page.

Price Plan By Borlabs Cache

  • Regular license comes with a price tag of $29 and charges extra $9.38 for 12 months additional support.

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6. W3 Total Cache

Now talking about the best caching plugin WordPress which are free the first name which comes to my mind is W3 Total Cache. This is an entirely free plugin using which you can improve site performance, reduce load time, do SEO improvements and more.

Cache WordPress PluginCache WordPress Plugin


  • Easy integration of reverse proxy through nginx or varnish
  • It is equipped with various security features & facilities
  • Allows you to perform caching of database, objects, fragments
  • Increase the visitor time on site by reducing the time of page load
  • Supports SSL and AMP

Price Plan By W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is web performance optimization plugin for WordPress which is free of cost. It offers multiple features and facilities which can improve your site in various ways.

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7. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a free cache clearing plugin which generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress pages. These files are instantly served at user requests which gradually boosts the site performance.

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Cache WordPress PluginCache WordPress Plugin


  • Pages, posts, and other site content can be compressed with ease
  • Cache rebuilt and CDN support also available
  • Preload mode enables you to load as many posts as you want
  • Performs cache files cleanup which are outdated and stale
  • Serves static HTML files to site visitors and boosts the performance

Price Plan By WP Super Cache

  • This is a high rated WordPress plugin which has got millions of active installations, but it gives forever free access.

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8. Cache Enabler

With Cache Enabler plugin you can store static HTML files on the server’s disk and improve the performance of your website. This plugin enables you to create 2 cached files, one with the plain HTML and other with gzipped which delivers content much faster. It has got 40,000+ active installations and provides updates at every 2-3 months.

Cache WordPress PluginCache WordPress Plugin


  • Allows you to perform automatic as well as manual cache cleaning
  • You can also do manually purging of specific pages & posts
  • Get the actual cache size straight on the dashboard
  • Multisite WordPress supports is available
  • It also allows to serve Web images without using JavaScript

Price Plan By Cache Enabler

  • Cache Enabler is a WordPress Cache plugin which is free and doesn’t charge a penny for the features & facilities that it provides.

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Conclusion To End

We are at the end of this article and we are definite about one fact that you must have found the right cache plugin which can boost the performance of your WordPress website.

In Best Cache WordPress Plugins article we have shortlisted both premium as well as free plugins which can help you refine the web performance of your website

If you have any suggestions in mind? Please do share them in the comments section below!

We will be happy to hear from you.

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